Babae is a grassroots and volunteer-based organization of Filipina women in San Francisco dedicated to supporting and empowering Pinays through critical education, leadership development, and community building. We are committed to taking up local and global struggles, immediate and long-term concerns of our communities, especially those directly impacting Filipino women. As part of the Philippine women’s movement for self-determination, we are committed to working towards a future of real sisterhood and international solidarity, true gender equality and opportunity for all women, and genuine sovereignty and democracy in our homeland.

As of 2009, Babae is one of four organizations in the United States that comprises the GABRIELA USA alliance along with: FiRE (New York / Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment), Pinay sa Seattle (Seattle), and SIGAw (Los Angeles / Sisters of Gabriela, Awaken). The Gabriela USA alliance is an overseas chapter of GABRIELA Philippines.

Babae collaborates mostly with League of Filipino Students-SFSU (LFS), SF-CHRP (SF- Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines), and BAYAN-USA. We also have close relationships with NAFCON (National Alliance of Filipino Concerns) and the Filipino Community Center.

Organizational Objectives:
Promote the history, lessons, and contributions of the Filipino women’s movement, as represented by GABRIELA, and educate the broad public on the issues and concerns affecting Filipinas.

Develop a broad understanding and inclusive character in the methods of organizing, politicization, education and analysis as to develop leadership skills of members and collective decision-making and work of the organization.

Coordinate with BAYAN-USA and other progressive organizations to advance the Filipino people’s struggle for national sovereighnty and genuine democracy and support other just struggles for self-determination.

Develop organizational systems, protocols, and procedures for purposes of organization efficiency and recordkeeping.

Foster political education, leadership development, and skill-building of members, to ensure collective work and decision-making within the organization.

Study and take up immediate and long-ter


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  2. Sending you the link for the trailer of Modern Day Slaves.

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