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  1. STRIKE MAY 2011!

    CodePINK, Cindy Sheehan, and all Vulnerable Folks are calling on you to join us May 1st, 11:30am at the IWD march & rally in San Francisco to Civic Center – where we will kick-off our STRIKE MAY 2011 march to Sacramento!

    We are planning to take 8 days to march to Sacramento, doing actions – marches, rallies, press conferences, flyering, bannering – in towns along the way. We will do a combination walking, biking, skating, carpooling, train, etc. to get there.

    And we are arriving in Sacramento on the 9th, the same day as the teachers occupation begins, setting up a tent city, occupying the grounds until the legislature votes OUR budget!

    Our general theme is: 1) NO MORE TAXES for WARS & OCCUPATIONS; and 2) NO MORE TAX BREAKS for the RICH & their CORPORATIONS!

    We are hoping everyone will join in the MARCH & TENT CITY for however long, however many day(s), hour(s) you choose.

    AND we hope you will bring YOUR main focus/issue and represent! We are thinking of making each day of the walk a different issue/focus. And certainly at the TENT CITY, we are hoping everyone will do teach-ins to share their information and build a strong coalition.

    If you are willing to endorse, please email info AT or call 510-540-7007 and leave your name, number, email, and organization.

    If you are willing to be active and work on this STRIKE MAY 2011 for however long, in any capacity, before, after, during, please also email or call ASAP!

    TOGETHER we WILL direct our STATE BUDGET to become OUR BUDGET!

    End war on women!
    End war on workers, immigrants, people of color!
    End wars of occupation!
    End wars of corporate greed!
    End wars on our Mother Earth!
    End all wars!
    Bring our tax$$ home!Take our tax$$ back from the rich!

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