National Alliance for Filipino Concerns Rallies in Sacramento in Support of Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

From Balitang America:

Filipino Caregivers Demand Passage of Workers Bill of Rights

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – About 200 caregivers and their supporters traveled to the State Capitol in Sacramento yesterday to attend the first hearing on the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.

The bill would grant caregivers and domestic workers rights to minimum wage, overtime pay, sick and vacation leaves, proper rest breaks and health care coverage.

69-year- old Tony Reta, who once cared for nine elderly patients on a daily basis said caregivers are burdened with round-the-clock hard work. He said, “Not only do you have to care for the patients, you have to care for the home where you work is clean. It’s not a joke. It’s hard work.”

Another caregiver, 60-year- old Boots de Chavez traveled all the way from Los Angeles — to let California lawmakers know how much they’ve suffered. She said, “We feel there are no rewards to our hard work. We don’t have any protection at work.”

Reta and de Chavez’ prayers for support from the government were answered that day. The California Assembly Committee passed the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. But the bill has to go through the Assembly floor, the Senate committee and the Senate floor — before it goes to Governor Jerry Brown’s office for signing.

If it passes among California lawmakers, Brown could sign the bill by September.

New York is the only state in the nation that has passed a similar bill of rights for caregivers and domestic workers.

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BAYAN-USA-NORCAL Joins United National Antiwar Committee Demonstration in San Francisco


The War on Terror continues around the globe with $1.15 trillion U.S. tax dollars being spent on this alone. In the meantime FBI repression upon Anti-War activists intends to silence opposition to war. Right wing attacks on workers rights and union organizing make way for rampant abusive conditions in the workplace. Continuing cuts to education paired with ever increasing tuition fees limit access to education. Women’s reproductive rights & access to affordable health care are continually de-prioritized by the government. These are attacks on OUR communities, because the working poor and immigrant communities suffer the most due to cuts to basic services. BAYAN-USA joins with all peace loving people to demonstrate in defense of our rights to fight for the needs of our communities!

BAYAN-USA calls for an end to U.S. military occupation in Iraq and promotes the people’s national democratic struggle against U.S. imperialism in the Philippines. We call to CUT the $30 million US tax dollars that is sent every year to the Philippines that support oppressive policies such as the Visiting Forces Agreement and the current counterinsurgency program Oplan Bayanihan which targets political activists and community organizer-People Just Like Us. We condemn the 3,000 additional American Troops that are arriving in the Philippines This month to conduct Balikatan exercises with the Armed Forces of the Philippines! We call for an END to the increasing militarization that has caused the deaths of innocent civilians and displaces entire communities. We support the people’s liberation movements fighting U.S. imperialism and puppet-dictatorships in order to truly see our countries FREE from foreign occupation!

Mass uprisings are taking place all around the globe demanding that dictators step down in order to make room for true democracies created by the people for the sole purpose of serving the people! As BAYAN-USA we wish to encourage all oppressed peoples to continue building an international movement to rid the world of U.S. imperialism and to support people’s revolutionary movements by building genuine international solidarity. Let us all continue to build a better world for all!

We Say END the U.S. military Presence in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines and across the world!
FREE FREE FREE! FREE Palestine! END END the Occupation!
END the Visiting Forces Agreement & Balikatan Exercises!
SUPPORT People Power Movements around the Globe!
SUPPORT Affordable Healthcare, Housing, and Human Rights HERE in the United States!