Messages of Solidarity for Filipino Registered Nurses in Their Campaign Against the Racist Practices of Sutter Health / California Pacific Medical Center

Here are few solidarity messages from the petition to demand justice for Filipino Registered Nurses and to hold Sutter Health / California Pacific Medical Center accountable for their mistreatment of the Filipino American community.

Please sign the petition if you haven’t already done so, and feel free to leave your own message of solidarity!  Your words of support and encouragement matter to those most affected by the policies of Sutter/CPMC.  Your words of outrage and calls for justice should be heard by the management of Sutter/CPMC!


We are the most hardworking, considerate and loyal workers you will ever come across. We are considerate because we bring lumpia for all our coworkers for lunch. We are hardworking, because Filipino nurses dominate the medical field. We are loyal because we work until our hands and feet bleed and grow wrinkled. Put anyone else in our place and you will see patients suffer.

– Maritess Jangar, San Francisco, CA

We are hard working, knowledgable, & we Filipino Nurses don’t deserve to be discriminated! We need to fight for our cause & let’s unite!

– Ruinia Conde-Pastor, Union City, CA

Filipino Nurses are not looking to receive special treatment – as a future nurse that is working hard to have the best qualifications, it is disheartening that my ethnicity may trump my credentials in the application process.

– Victoria Marie Conlu, Daly City, CA

The Filipino nurses have served the U.S. population for years and have served well.What is the cause of discrimination? Is this bigotry or racism in action? The U.S. government agency handling Discrimination cases should be brought in. The ospital personnel should be made to explain this rascist policy.

– Josefina M. Dumdum, Chino Hills, CA


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