8-30-10 Action to Commemorate the International Day of the Disappeared

To the mark the International Day of the Disappeared on Monday, August 30th the BAYAN-USA-NORCAL region’s member organizations, led by the San Francisco Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (SF-CHRP) engaged in a procession from Market and Powell which ended with a demonstration in front of the Philippine Consulate.

BAYAN-USA-NORCAL organizations in attendance included Anakbayan-East Bay, babae-SF of the Filipina women’s alliance, GABRIELA-USA, The League of Filipino Students- SFSU, and of course SF-CHRP. Also, joining in solidarity with the BAYAN-USA NORCAL region were representatives of VietUnity and the Xican@ Moratorium Coalition (which you can read more about here, and here)

The BAYAN-USA NORCAL staff and its member organizations would like to offer our allies a HUGE round of applause for marching with us and pass along big time props to Sagnichte Salazar and Phuong Vuong, of XMC and VietUnity respectively, for providing face time for the TV coverage from ABS-CBN. Long Live International Solidarity!!!

Click here to read more news coverage of the action from Henni Espinosa of the ABS-CBN North America Bureau!


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