Hong Thai Bus Tragedy: Another Manifestation of the Economic Desperation in the Philippines?

Relatives of the eight Hong Kong tourists who were killed in the Philippines hostage crisis, kneel in respect near the tourist bus during a Buddhist ceremony Tuesday in Manila, Philippines. (Bullit Marquez/AP)

In the wake of the horrific tragedy in the Philippines of the Hostage situation upon the Hong Thai Travel Bus, here is a rather penetrating reflection of the incident as written by Valerie Francisco. Francisco is a founding member of the Filipina women’s organization, FiRe (Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment) which is a member organization of GABRIELA-USA and BAYAN-USA based in New York City.

Francisco writes:

No justifications for Mendoza here. I mourn with the families in Hong Kong who lost their loved ones on that bus. And also for Mendoza’s family.

Moreover, I mourn for the many men’s desperation in the Philippines that may or may not hold another hostage. And those who are held hostage by the conditions of unlivable life.

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