Maguindanao Massacre Candlelight Vigil

San Francisco, California –

December 7th 5pm

Members of the Filipino Community around the San Francisco Bay Area held a Candlelight Vigil to commermorate the victims of the Maguindanao Massacre. The event was a huge success in expressing the peoples’ voices,


55 participants from BAYAN-USA Northern California (Anak Bayan East Bay, Babae San Francisco, Committee for Human Rights of the Philippines, and the League of Filipino Students). There were also participants from Soma Community Action Network (SOMCAN), United Playaz (UP), Filipino Community Support (FOCUS), Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), and the Filipino Community Center (FCC) gathered outside the New Federal Building to commemorate the victims of the Maguindanao Massacre with a candlight vigil and to express our condemnation of our U.S. hard earned tax dollars going to support Massacres from Warlords and Philippine government sponsored Death Squads .

KTVU (channel 2-broadcast our action on the 10 o’clock news), ABS-CBN covered us thoroughly and interviewed multiple organizations. Many written wires were present as well to cover the Candle Light Vigil.

Photos of the Candlelight Vigil were taken by Faye Lacinilao of LFS.


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